Keynote Speakers

Dr Terry Sweeney
IBM Watson Health Leader, Asia, Greater China Group & Japan

Originally from the UK and now based in Australia, Terry is the IBM Watson Health Leader for Asia Pacific, Greater China Group and Japan.  IBM Watson Health has more than five thousand employees and billions of dollars in investment. It’s pioneering a new partnership between humanity and technology, with the goal of transforming global health. Cognitive systems that understand, reason and learn are helping people expand their knowledge base, improve their productivity and deepen their expertise.

Terry is a former director of the social health and human services tech start-up, Cúram Software. Based in Ireland, Cúram’s global presence and market leadership led to IBM acquiring the company in 2011.

Terry has more than 16 years experience in the social health and human services industry, having worked worldwide. He has held a number of senior strategic health and social welfare positions in both private and public sectors. This includes leading social policy research for the UK government. Terry has also worked in UK military intelligence.

Terry is a graduate of Cambridge University and holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics, a Master of Science in Business Information Technology and a PhD in the field of Economics. He is also a former professional athlete (cycling) and has competed at an international level.

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