Dr Michael Dahlweid
Chief Medical Officer, Digital Solutions, GE Healthcare IT

Michael Dahlweid is the Chief Medical Officer, Digital Solutions for GE Healthcare. 

In this role, Michael works with both, international customers, and global GE teams to translate clinical insights into strategic objectives, comprehensive solutions and development roadmaps. 

With a background as a registered nurse, a practicing physician, chief medical officer, strategy leader, CIO, teaching professor, and product manager in the healthcare and healthcare IT arenas—Michael brings very broad and deep healthcare and technology domain expertise to the GE Healthcare IT leadership team.

Before joining GE, Michael was the Global Chief Medical Officer and Head of Solution Strategy for CSC Healthcare Vertical. Prior to that, he held several roles with iSOFT Health including Chief Medical Officer, Head of Product and Solution strategy and Global Product Director. Michael has also held roles with AGFA including global Chief Medical Officer and Head of its Enterprise IT business unit.

Michael studied medicine at the Universities of Magdeburg and Medical College Potsdam, and medical informatics at the Medical College of Cologne. Michael is board certified in Medical Informatics and Emergency Medicine, holding an MD and a PhD degree, and finished his business education at University of Oxford SAID business school with a concentration in leadership and strategy. In addition to serving several national governments as an adviser for ehealth, he teaches Medical Informatics at the University of Oxford, UK, and the University of Jena, Germany.

Michael practices in trauma surgery and emergency medicine and is fellow of the German Association of Trauma-Surgery, the German Association of Medical Informatics, and member of the German chamber of Physicians.

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