Keynote Speakers

Dr Hee Hwang
CIO, Seoul National University Bundang Hospital

Hee Hwang (M.D., Ph.D.) is Chief information Officer and Associate Professor of Pediatric Neurology in Seoul National University Bundang Hospital (SNUBH), Korea. He graduated from Seoul National University College of Medicine in 1996 and had an internship at Seoul National University Hospital from 1997 to 1998. After working as a resident at Department of Pediatrics of Seoul National University Children’s Hospital for four years, he has been an assistant professor at Division of Pediatric Neurology, Department of Pediatrics, SNUBH. He had a visiting scholar at MEG center and Epilepsy Surgery Program of Cincinnati Children’s Hospital, Cincinnati, OH, USA. He has been in charge of development and management of Electronic Health Record system since 2004. His major interests are the user interface of Electronic Health Record (EHR) system, u-health application, and health information exchange.

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