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Welcome to the Asia Pacific eHealth Conference 2023!


The Hong Kong territory-wide, patient-oriented Electronic Health Record Sharing System (EHRSS) has been in live since 2016.  The recent pandemics have continuously transformed the whole medical and healthcare industry and we have seen a rising adoption of system from both the industry and the general public.   By now, over 4 millions of populations have been enjoying the benefit of this services. 


Hong Kong as the traditional gateway between the East and West has been privileged to have a unique start by networking all 43 public hospitals and 120+ public clinics since 1992, riding on same EMR system throughout the public sectors for a full interoperability.   The pilot since 2007 for an unidirectional sharing of public patient data securely to private sector upon patient consent and privacy measures (the PPI-ePR pilot project) paved solid foundation for HKSAR government to confirm a bidirectional private-public sharing of data and set aside more than 700 millions HK dollars in 2008.  The industry and government have worked together to set standardization, privacy protection and legal framework, with the territory wide EHR sharing system Bill was passed in July 2015, and live in March 2016.


This Conference comes in a good time to commemorate on this achievement. On behalf of the 3 most active eHealth organizations in Hong Kong, namely the HL7 Hong Kong, the Hong Kong Society of Medical Informatics and the eHealth Consortium, we proudly present to you this very special conference with the theme of "Beyond the boundaries". 


This will be a very good occasion and prime arena for all international and local experts in the field of Electronic Health Records in the world to share their experience and challenges they have faced. At the same time, the Greater China eHealth Forum will be held concurrently to continue to enhance the eHealth Development in the Greater China region.


Please give us support, and join us in this meaningful event.


Dr Charleston Sin
Organising Committee

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